Elephant in the tank







fimo polymer clay three faced elephant Elefant



This is the elephant I spotted on the web years ago:







I added a 1,5 mm thin ground plate, which lookes like this:


DON´T forget to cut out the little hole on the ground!




I fixed it to the snowball´s base using liquid super glue. 

I also used superglue to fix the elephant.



I then used HOT glue to fix the cover to the base.

I therefore put the glue NEXT TO THE GROUND PLATE               - not on the snowglobe cover.




You´ll need distilled water - poor in germs - mixed up with a water preperation product. I used an injection nozzle to get into the tiny opening.




To make the snow mix up with the water, I therefore mixed the snow with a little portion of any dish cleaning product ... and finished !!!





Take your time and read about my experiences!