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                    STEP  by  STEP






Making the mummy with its bandages covering the body was extremely tricky.
So, I wrote a step by step instruction that you can follow:

step 1 ... feet, hands and head



At first I formed two feet, two bubbly hands and the head.

I used a skin like color mixed up with a little bit of brown or sand fimo.



Then I formed the body out of some skin colored clay.


I only fixed the head and the feet !



step 2 ... bandages


I formed a plate of white fimo and cut it into 5 mm wide stripes.


Put the stripes on the arms - yet not fixed to the body!



Then I proceeded with putting bandages on the body - BUT !

... leaving out the arm´s areas.





step 3 ... fixing arms



Fix the already finished arms to the body and hide the notch with a stripe of white fimo.





step 4 ... Finishing





Finally added a pumpkin ...

... and a shield mixed of brown shades of fimo, that says:  


"Trick or Treat,  smell my feet"