brush´s tip


I use this old brush´s tip a lot.


Especially for modelling the

nose´s nares.

tooth pick


Normal tooth picks work very well for every kind of modelling:


... roughening surfaces

... bowing arms or legs

... molds / indentations

... stabilizing body parts








These are called color shapers or clay shapers.

They come in several types of hardness and sizes.


I like them very much.

They are soft and especially flawless !!!

You won´t find any disturbing edges.



I use several shapes of styrofoam to create different hollow shapes in clay.


While heated up to 130°C the ball will shrink, but maintain its shape long enough to stabilize the clay.


Stink: Before opening the oven I do open the kitchen´s window.

Use a good type of styrofoam that you´ll get at the crafts store.


When you use it, bake your piece of clay work within three or four days.

The clay reacts with the styrofoam and leaves a sticky film behind - even after baking !


For further infomation ... check out my DO´s and Dont´s section.






rolling pin


This tool works very well on an even surface underneath.


Be careful: The ends tend to splitter when it drops on the ground.

( But it´s still one piece ! )