Fimo varnish


This is the actual Fimo varnish.


It´s more shiny and thicker ... so it gets a little harder in the end. I normally use it to bring out a very intensive colored part.


There´s a brush already included. 

gloss varnish


This is the other product of gloss varnish I use - "Glanzlack".

It´s the non water-soluble kind.


And the only one with a thick consistency, that avoids your varnish from rinning all over!


My experience was that this is the only one - except for Fimo varnish - that doesn´t get sticky after a while.


I use it on big projects when I don´t have the patience to use a tiny brush. 

I like to use it especially on faces.

gold powder



I never was a fan of the actual color of fimo gold.


So I mixed up a little bit of "Glanzlack" and a tiny little bit of this powder.   ... used a simple piece of aluminum foil underneath.


The already hardend fimo was colored with this mixture.




Another way that is described on the pakage itself is to mix it up with the unbaked fimo ... but this doesn´t work at all! ;-((




brush to apply varnish



To apply the varnish to my figures I use this soft brush. 



      You´ll need a removing substance

      to clean the brush afterwards !